Hi fellow library management enthusiast,

We have a blog! We’ve decided to put aside some time to keep you updated with current app development. In many cases I’ve seen people make many promises, fail to provide frequent updates, and simply never deliver their product. My goal with the blog is to keep you updated with where SpinTools is at in development, features we’ve been working on, and ideas we have discussed. This way you know we’re actually doing something, and you won’t forget about us! (Hint: Subscribe to our newsletter)

Why build an app?

With many years of experience and the power of the internet, my own personal DJ Library has increasingly grown. There’s so many different genres of music and so many new artists, it’s becoming impossible to keep up. Many of you will have a full-time job and DJ on the side as a hobby or as a secondary income… all of our time goes into organizing our crates and creeping record pools such as DJ City. With an app to edit your tags, finding duplicates, and determining which songs you’ve never played – you’ll end up with some more time on your hands to practice your scratching or new routines.

Progress Report:

We’ll be posting updates of the SpinTools app development here: Updates. Again, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter. We’ll keep you updated with our progress and beta access!