Welcome back! We know it’s been a while, but we have a ton of things to show you.

Our last blog post was last published July 27th, 2016 and since then we have received a ton of feature requests, feedback, and interest from other parties (DJ Pools, other app developers, etc). Lets jump right into it!

Tag Editor

We’re touched up on this. We have added support for additional fields, all organized in what we believe is a useful order. This is not our final list, we plan on supporting all ID3v2.3 and ID3v2.4 tags.

All general tags:

Additional tags:


Media Player

Who likes waveforms? Better question: who like waveforms that are flawless, don’t jitter, can easily be zoomed, highlight loops, cue points (hot cues enabled), and real-time waveform generation?

This is one portion of what we’ve been focusing on. A functional media player that allows you to listen to tracks, see your audio data, and to make any quick changes needed. Performance is also key to user experience. The waveform needs to perform in real-time and feel responsive. Another issue we’re facing is ability to handle conflicting cue points across different DVS systems. We’re in the process of recording our first YouTube video to demonstrate the functionality, stay tuned on our social media networks and email notifications for this! In the mean time, here are some pictures to help visualize our work:

Zoomed Out:

Medium Zoom:

Max Zoom:

Max Zoom with Active Loop:

Task Manager

This is pretty neat. We’ve all seen Serato and other applications lock up, giving us no acknowledgement or response when processing larger tasks. Have you ever tried opening a crate and have the app hang or feel that the song analyzer is consuming too much screen space? Lets be honest, we like watching Serato analyzing our tracks… some of us even “race” the tracks to see which will finish first… but do we really need to see this for every song in our library?
This is where SpinTools flexes it’s interface design muscles to improve usability. We have created a Task Manager that shows you everything that’s happening, how long it took to process, and allows you to stop actions.

In this example, our Task Manager is letting us know it’s loading the library:

And how long it took to complete:

This is just a new feature we’ve started. With future updates we’ll be able to tell you what crates took the longest to load, what DVS applications have larger databases and potential issues, track analyzing progress, track your tag editing progress on large libraries, and even let you know when your app has updated…. Oh, about that…

Automatic Updates

SpinTools gives you the option to enable auto-updates. This means the app updates by itself without closing the app and waiting! This means you can update and use the app at the same time… neat huh? Sometimes we’ll ask you to restart the app to see the changes, but we’ll get to this when we get there.


That’s all for now! Next update will have some details regarding performance with the Library and how many tracks SpinTools can handle. I’ll give you a hint now: It’s over 500,000 songs. If you have more tracks in your library than that, we need to have a chat… mainly about Alpha testing… Make sure to get at us on the Serato Forums!

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- Stoyvo, signing out.