Can’t believe it’s been 2 months since our last update… Sorry! Gonna keep this quick and get back to building.

Where are we at?

The design of SpinTools has been a primary focus, making sure we provide the right tools, utilize your screen space efficiently, etc. The past two months have been primarily Serato and Traktor integration. We’ve successfully built in the functionality to read all Crates, songs, and history of Serato and currently focusing on Traktor2 with Traktor1 possibly coming after initial launch (anyone using Traktor1? Keep reading). While we work on getting all the data from other apps, we have finished some design items for the app… Lets get into it!

Crate Management

Crate management is its own beast. Some DVS apps don’t have the same functionality as others, we need to handle each integration differently. Eg: Not every DVS allows your sub-crates and is limited to 1 level… It’s annoying… We’re going to cross that bridge when we get there and provide options to make it easy to use.

Let’s imagine this case: You just downloaded all of your hip-hop music for the year because you don’t really play it but need it for a gig. How can you update your libraries? Well, we have Crate Management tools to specifically help you with that.

You have the ability to create sub-crates from the folders, or just import the folders into your existing crate.
Here’s an example of a brand new SpinTools crate – Just drag your folder in, or select a folder:

Then select the folders (and sub folders) you would like to import:

Unfortunately, Filters aren’t done yet, so we’re unable to show you that. However, we’ll have this section wrapped up and ready for full display next update.


Today is a small update, not much to really show but just reminding you we’re still here working every day! You’re probably wondering when SpinTools will be available… we still don’t have an answer for you. SpinTools is overachieving, we’re bringing you something you haven’t seen before, we’re also doing this for the very first time so our original estimate was very ambitious. We’re aiming to have an Alpha release by end of this year, we’d love to catch up with everyone at trade shows in 2017. As always – we’ll keep you posted!

- Stoyvo, signing out.