It’s been 1 full year since our last update. It’s about time we provided an update!

What took so long?

Many of you have been questioning if SpinTools is still been asking how the project is going through social media, emails, etc. Today we would like to address this publicly. SpinTools is still actively in development. We are a very small team, we have full-time jobs, we DJ on the side, and we’re working together to get this project to a stable release for everyone to take advantage of. We do apologize for the delay, our estimate for release is constantly changing, but we’re doing our best to provide the best solution possible.

What we have completed

In the past year we have accomplished:

  • 1 successful trade show (CDJ Show)
  • Re-Written core library functionality – The library loading need a speed-boost, as we continue to add features, this was becoming an issue that needed to be resolved.
  • Fully implemented Duplicate detection for tags (artist, title, key, bpm) and filenames
  • Fully implemented Find & Replace functionality
  • Received permission from Beatport to be featured in SpinTools as a Trend (This took about 1 year to accomplish)
  • Fully implemented Trends – We get the hottest tracks per month from DJ City, Direct Music Service, and Beatport

What is in progress

Currently we are trying to wrap up the following:

  • Create Management – Tracking folder changes for new tracks, auto-sync between Serato, Traktor, Rekordbox
  • Statistics – By using History from your DJ sets, we’re building out stats about each crate, tracks, and just about everything you can think of
  • Auto-Updating – The app is intended to auto-update, so no more downloading and installing the app, it will automatically stay up-to-date to ensure you have the latest and greatest
  • Survey – We are building a survey to help select our users for the Closed Beta.
  • Forum – We need a place for users to leave suggestions, ask for help, and to discuss about important features DJs need to make Library Management quick and easy.


The next email and update you get from us will be the Survey (In the next few months). If you’re interested in becoming part of the Closed Beta program, you will need to fill out this survey when you receive it.

On behalf of the SpinTools team, we thank you for your patience.

Updated Screenshots



Find & Replace

- Stoyvo, signing out.